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Director Stefan Sommer, 49 år

“Definitely the best investment in my life…”

Share analyst Casper Blom

“Lost 20 pounds in 40 days…”

Rie Helmer, TV Host & Journalis Denmarks Radio

“The best money I ever spent!”


With a personal trainer, you achieve a lasting weight loss and the ability to lead a life without illness and injury. Personal training gives you the tools to exercise and keep fit  for the rest of your life.

The ability to get in good shape or lose weight is greatly increased with the help of a qualified personal trainer. You will maintain weight loss and a good shape for the rest of your life without dieting. If you are looking for a personal trainer Copenhagen, do not hesitate to contact us.


Weight loss

Get in shape and lose weight faster

Physically fit

Get a lasting weight loss and stay physically fit

Better mood

Your mood improves and you fell less stressed

More energy

You gain more energy for your work and daily tasks

Deep sleep

Sleep better and deeper

Good sex life

Get a better sex life with increased desire and endurance

Lower disease risk

Significantly lower risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Effective training

Learn to exercise wisely and effectively – down to 20 minutes per workout

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You will get a FREE introduction to personal training, training methods, weight loss, diet and lifestyle if you subsequently purchase 10 or 20 hours. If you are looking for a personal trainer Copenhagen, write to us here and get yoursession right away!

NB! Now you can also train with your partner or friend at only 50% extra

    *Vi lover dig, at vi behandler dine oplysninger fortroligt, og at vi aldrig videregiver dem til tredjeparter.


    Certified personal trainer & instructor

    Peter is 53 and has been in professional training for over 35 years. He has a broad theoretical and professional background at a high level. Peter also has many years of practical experience with a wide range of sports – including several at the elite level.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Take a shortcut with us

    With personal and private training you get the most benefit in the shortest possible time. So whether it is to shed extra pounds or get more energy and increased well-being, you will be taking a shortcut with the help and support a personal trainer provides. Of course, it is important that your training is properly organized to achieve the results you want as well as to avoid training and injuries.

    You get an individually designed training and program, and we make sure that your training fits you and your everyday life. In this way, we take into account your life situation based on your current physical form.

    A personal trainer can

    Save yourself time and money
    Learn how to train right
    Motivate yourself and fit the workout into your everyday life
    For example, after weeks or months of training on your own, you have not achieved the narrow waist or the results you dreamed of, then we can give you a push in the right direction.

    We plan your workout and guide you in terms of diet and lifestyle, including stress, so you get to grips with the things that previously prevented you from weight loss and better physical shape.

    Training is about breaking boundaries. A personal trainer motivates you to just push yourself more than you are capable of on your own and achieve your goals. Get rid of bad exercise habits and get new inspiration. Let’s talk about a program that is just right for you if you are looking for a personal trainer in Copenhagen.

    The training takes place either outdoors most often in Søndermarken electricity. Frederiksberg Have, in the gym or at your workplace. Or you can have completely private training at home.

    We put in your workout to best fit your everyday life and rhythm. Thus, you can train every day during the day and evening hours.

    Please also note that there is a small fee for training in the center and for driving outside the center and the quarters.


    You can train here

    You can train in most of Copenhagen and the surrounding area, so if you are looking for personal trainer Copenhagen, we can help you. If you do not live in some of the areas, just contact us anyway and we will find out.

    Islands Brygge
    North West
    South harbour

    When training outside the center of Copenhagen and the bridge districts, a minimum of DKK 250 is spent on driving per day. walk.

    We partner with the following fitness centers:

    The Rehab
    Physical shape
    Remember that there is a small fee for training in the center. If you do not live near the centers, we can train at your home or outdoors.

    You can freely choose between the types of exercise you like. Depending on your goals and your physical level, we help you to get the best results regarding weight loss or anything else you would like to achieve with your workout.

    slim Training
    family Training
    After Birth Weight
    Psychomotor training

    If you have other wishes that are within our areas of expertise, we can fit them into your training course. So if you are looking for a personal trainer Copenhagen, we are ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about the training options and how we can tailor a training program for you.

    What our clients say

    “It’s definitely the best investment of my life …”

    Director Stefan Sommer, 49 years

    For a number of years I had been too busy at work and had not eaten sensibly and had no physical activity. A year ago, my BMI was approaching 40 and I knew I had to do something drastic if I didn’t have to end up with a variety of lifestyle diseases and become a bad life.

    I contacted Peter and got an appointment for a rehearsal, where we started by taking a walk in the Søndermarken and talked a little about my goals. Then we jogged as far as I could. It turned into 600 meters and I was completely exhausted.

    3 training sessions per week

    Peter put together a training course where we would meet three times a week for outdoor training. Just that all our training was done outdoors has been a joy for me. We have been training in all kinds of weather for a whole calendar year and therefore there is never any excuse for not exercising, whether it is dark, cold or slippery. Peter also made sure the training progressed at a pace which ensured that I did not get any serious injuries. At the same time, I got good advice on my diet. We agreed that I should not have a strict diet plan because I travel frequently and thus depend on being able to eat on board planes, restaurants and canteens. But as Peter has so sensibly pointed out, one can often choose the healthy alternative and one can also reduce the portion size.

    Weight loss over 20 kg

    It has been a year now and I have reduced my weight by over 20 kg, I have done a ½ marathon with Peter and I can say with certainty that I have been given a new lifestyle. A lifestyle where regular exercise is part of my daily life and eating less and choosing the healthy alternative comes naturally. My weight loss continues and I am only 13 lbs to reach my goal and I simply cannot do my 3-4 times a week.

    Based on the above, I can fully recommend Peter if you want to change your lifestyle and have a better life – it has definitely been the best investment of my life.

    “Some of the best money I’ve spent”

    Study host & journalist DR Sporless, Rie Helmer

    I have a broken knee after a ski vacation 25 years ago, which I have never been able to properly rehabilitate without getting injured and at the same time it becomes absolutely impossible without training. In other words, I cannot practice exercise without the help of a personal trainer who understands what I can do, when to push, and when to hold back.

    The money for Britt Schou is some of the best I’ve spent. Today, I can walk normally, work out three times a week – even on my own – and have gained some strength in the muscles that I have not seen much for the past 25 years.

    “The best money I’ve ever spent!”

    Rikke Møller 37 years, Fashion clothing retailer

    I would like to highlight my very capable personal trainer Britt Schou that I started with to get more energy and get fit. But I get much more out of it !!! Britt is super skilled at figuring one out and is well in the process of making me strong so I don’t have to go to the acupuncturist every month to avoid migraine attacks ….

    What initially seemed like a lot of money to spend on ME itself has been the best money I’ve ever spent !!! So don’t think about the money …. just do it 🙂 !!!

    “Professionalism, professional approach and commitment”


    I started at Britt because after a long illness, my relationship with my body had changed dramatically. Despite several attempts by physiotherapists, I was unable to get started in training.

    My training with Britt has really given me results judging by what I can do with my body now and I have had the courage to work out again. Britt has helped me to get to know my body anew and it has enabled me to do far more than I thought possible when I started – both in terms of exercise and everyday life.

    I have felt in good hands throughout the course and been impressed with Britt’s professionalism and professional approach, but also with her commitment to her profession – and so I have enjoyed – and still enjoy – Britt’s company!

    “Challenging training and lots of great tips – lost 10 kilos in 40 days”

    Equity analyst, Casper Blom 33 years

    After a long period of injury, the weight had crept too far up and I needed a fresh start. It provided Peter with the right combination of challenging training and lots of great tips. The result was satisfactory in every way – 10 kilos in 40 days.

    “Fun and effective training”

    Visual artist, Sarah Hvass

    I went to Britt for a training session after my second birth. The motivation was to get back into shape and get more energy. I had just found her online and thought she looked sympathetic.

    She lived up to my expectation. I enjoyed every hour with Britt. She is a motivating, inspiring and really good company. Since my course with her I have been